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Sponsorship Packages

$4,000 USD
$6,000 USD
$10,000 USD


  • Infographic Content for Breaks

    During the breaks, we will play your special messaging. The number of messaging slots depends on your participation package level.


  • Your Video for Breaks

    Sponsors have prime opportunities to place digital video content during the breaks. Each talk is separated by a break where we play a video with special messaging like your commercial content or messaging.


  • Post-Event YouTube Videos & Articles

    After the event, the presentations are edited to include the Live Q&As. In addition to posting the video at the conclusion of the event, we write a short article and publish it on relevant media.


There are over 8 hours of learning and engagement opportunities your organization can utilize to engage the global Digital Twin sector with your knowledge and expertise. Currently, the conference will be broadcast starting February 7th and moving through the time zones best suited for a European audience ending February 9th in Aus/NZ. The conference is hosted in plenary session for the entirety of the event with breaks at regular intervals allowing for sponsors to input video and messaging to the participants

To discuss a package or for any other questions, please contact

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