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About the Digital Twin Conference

This conference enables you to learn and discover digital twin opportunities, solutions, and challenges from experts and users in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia/New Zealand.  Digital Twin combines technologies to provide solutions for climate change, sustainability, resilient infrastructure and more.  Please consider joining this inaugural, free, Digital Twins virtual conference which will be broadcast around the world.

Thank you for registering and participating in the Digital Twin Conference (2024).  The conference was a success.  Recordings will be available in the near future and we will post on this site how to access them.    Have a great 2024!

Why Digital Twins

MarketsandMarkets predicts the Digital Twin Market will grow to $110.1 billion by 2028 while Allied Market Research projects the market to reach $125.7 billion by 2030.​  Beyond the rapid growth in market impact, the use of digital twins represents a capability that can accurately predict climate change, find new customers, or create and project resilient national or even global supply chains.

Conference Themes

The conference has been centered on three continents with one stream per continent. Each stream covers an area of maximum immediate or future importance. 

  • The North American ("Application") stream will cover the fledgling but rapidly emerging field of transforming finance with Digital Twins.

  • The UK ("Solution") stream will examine the imperative solution of federating Digital Twins and the need to address human and organisational factors in their development and adoption.

  • The Aus/NZ ("Governance") stream will address the resolution of governance challenges, and discuss the best practices and standards used to advance Digital Twins. 

There is also an Academic Thread which will run throughout the conference with designated paper presentations and posters​.



Our Speakers & Charitable Donations

Participating in the conference are the internationally recognised experts and practitioners responsible for furthering the technology and helping organisations attract the value transformation that the technology enables.

In lieu of gifts for the speakers, the Conference Committee will donate sponsorship funds to charities on behalf of the conference and the speakers.

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